Imagination first and foremost

“Whenever I give a present, I always concentate on the gift wrapping; the careful choice of the wrapping paper, the ribbon and the matching of colours is not only an irresistible pleasure: it is, above all, a token of love and thoughtfulness towards the person who will receive the gift: it is a necessary complement to the gift itself.

I firmly believe that offering a present of something beautiful does as much good to the giver as to the receiver. Contact with beauty is redeeming and regenerating: it illuminates thoughts, calms tensions, triggers a chain reaction of positive emotions. This is why I have always considered it essential to invest in beauty. The Multifolia project stems from my own personal need to place beauty back in the centre.

In a global context forever oriented towards utilitarianism, Multifolia takes a stand in favour of the apparent futility of beauty. Multifolia reappraises the human dimension of communication and, against every aesthetic homologation, entrusts itself to the regenerative power of colour and to the inexhaustible resources of imagination.”